Hey presto!

1. Define the problem and solution space. 

2. Break the problem down. 

3. Make the problem personal. 

4. Seek the perspectives of outsiders. 

5. Diverge before you converge. 

6. Create “idea resumes.” 

7. Create a plan to learn. 

MIT researchers identify a 7-step technique for putting ideas to action, an upgrade to the now frequently challenged concept of brainstorming. Complement with this timeless 5-step technique for producing ideas from 1939. (via explore-blog)

More tie-ins with today’s training. I’m reblogging this to use next week when I check how effective this week’s thinking and planning has been.

I also like the fact that this is a simple technique that reflects the complexity of the work that it directs people to do. Writing like the is a skill in itself.


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