Pre-internet blogging

The people who say that [blogging is “dead”] are idiots. Blogging was never alive. It’s the people that matter. There will always be a small number who are what I call “natural born bloggers.” They were blogging before there were blogs, they just didn’t know what it was called. Julia Child was a blogger as was Benjamin Franklin and Patti Smith.

As blogging turns 20 this year, David Winer and other internet pioneers reflect on the medium’s cultural role.

Speaking of proto-bloggers, they date back to this 11th-century Japanese court lady, but none was greater than Montaigne, godfather of “blogging.”

(via explore-blog)

A good piece for blogging motivation today. I’m not one of these natural born bloggers; this doesn’t come naturally at all. But if all good things are worth fighting for, I’m working my way up to creating a blog post that’s something to see.

…just not any time soon.


One thought on “Pre-internet blogging

  1. I don’t know if there really are “natural-born bloggers,” since we all learned to write somewhere, and that was probably unnatural for everyone at some point. Even professional writers get frustrated by it sometimes. Me, I remember hating writing all throughout university. It was only when I stopped writing for teachers and started writing for myself that things really clicked. =) Now it’s part of the way that I think.
    It’ll be interesting to see how blogging will weave itself into your life over the next ten years! =) (Or whatever blogging will evolve into – who knows?)

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