Grasping at the visual significance of Pacific Rim

I’ve just finished watching Pacific Rim with my partner. It was fascinating and fantastic, particularly because of the expectations that I brought to it.

A week after Pacific Rim came out, I discovered an article on the visual intelligence in Pacific Rim that makes it more than just a mecha love-fest* (Transformers, I’m looking at you). The author dives into the great significance behind the colours, gestures and memory montages in a way that my linguistically focused mind could barely register, even though I went in looking for the visual connotations.

While the article does dive into spoilers eventually, I recommend reading the first few paragraphs regardless of your interest in Pacific Rim. The author makes a notable effort to convey another person’s highly visual communication style in the media that best suits his own strongly language-based communication style, which is no mean feat.


*To be clear, I’m a big fan of mecha love fests. With a partner like mine, it’s impossible not to appreciate the design and imagination** that goes into these great lumbering hunks of gunmetal.

**Well, sometimes imagination. Another mech called the Jaeger? Really, Pacific Rim?


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