Witter Daily: The Big Reveal!

Welcome! Come in, sit down, grab a champagne to celebrate!

Witter Daily’s been running for a month now, so it’s time I linked you all, family and friends, to this blog I’ve been nattering about.

For a quick review, here’s my five best posts with a sneaky sixth for which I wrote very little (but which I hope will amuse you down to your toes).

  • Bring in the luddites! An argument for welcoming more non-technical people into our technical communities.
  • On the value of writing and sharing your ideas, even when they’re not set in stone (aside from the obvious flaws in ever having ideas that are set in stone!)
  • My twin posts on the things that I’m excited to have learned in my first year of parkour, both physical and mental.
  • Reflections on a conversation in which I tried to convince someone their training materials should be available under creative commons, and gained a better understanding of peoples’ reluctance to try alternative licencing systems.
  • The future of media formats: a post in reply to a Mr David Byrne, arguing that creative media formats are a thing of the present, as well as the future.

And, as a bonus post, here’s the story of the time that Virginia Woolf and friends dressed themselves up as Indian princes and dropped in on the British Royal Navy, a story that tickles my inner prankster.


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