Shout Out: Plural Possessive

Tonight, a shout-out to a friend who’s wrestled the blog-beast by my side for the last few years. From her latest post:

She didn’t begin alone, you understand. So few heroes do.

There was a tailor, a grocer, a prince and a legend.

There was no prophecy, for what are those but a delirious promise of the world’s turning? When the great devourer first arrived, hunger festered in the people, and they looked ahead, confiding hope in the shadows. Their prayers rose to an oath that, one day, this too would pass.

tailor who armoured their bodies and minds, knitting the worst of their injury.

grocer who nourished their strength and spirit by any means possible.

prince taught them honour by his own clamber to find it again.

And a legend reminded them how survival meant relearning the virtue of patience, and victory was daring to hope.

These journeys change us, remaking the people we could have been.

If that’s piqued your curiousity, head on over to Plural Posessive for more. There’s not a lot of content there at the moment, but she’s diving in and blogging more often now, so you can expect her fragments of fiction to come frequently.


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