Meet the Satyr


You’ve seen the Satyr in the ‘Future’s Future’ poster that I shared earlier this week, now here it is as a 3D printed plastic model!
It’s one of three vehicles that my partner, Tom, has designed for the Art, Not Apart exhibition tomorrow.

It’s been very exciting having the model arrive today – all the 3D printing we’ve done for previous projects has taken weeks to arrive because it’s been shipped from overseas. This time it took a little more than a day, thanks to Combustible Props‘ amazing effort.

Having the model turn up so fast feels a bit like magic. Yesterday it was a huge file of points and vertices; today it’s sitting on our breakfast table as a big piece of plastic and design savvy.

Edit: Chris (the person who is Combustible Props) has pointed out that it took twelve hours to print, spread over four days. It only felt like a day from this end because we sent him a fix for some problems with the print a little bit more than a day before we got the final model. To my mind, this ability to work around a problem that came up says a lot about the technology (and the person wielding it!) in itself.


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