Searching for the Niice things

The DesignTAXI site has a wonderful habit of crossing my radar every few months and stunning me with the variety and cleverness in design work across the world.

Today, they’ve delighted the advertiser in me with an article to Niice, a search engine that bills itself as ‘the search engine with taste’.

A picture of the Niice home page with a range of graphic design samples

The Niice home page this time around – it shifts every time. I particularly love the foxes in the dining room.

Typography Niice results

A search for typography. I had to do a lot of shuffling to fit all my favourite images into one screenshot.

Mechs on Niice

Mechs! I hadn’t realised how gorgeous the Pacific Rim posters were until this search.

While I don’t do a lot of design work, I expect I’ll be back frequently for topic-based inspiration.


Bonus DesignTAXI article: 3D printed armour for Barbie


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