Please blog some more

Nine days after I started blogging, Sacha Chua published a perfect summary of ways to find something to blog about.

A chart of refutations for ten common excuses for not blogging. Full text below.

While a lot of these are approaches I’m already using (not worrying about my strategy, writing about a range of things, focusing on the selfish benefits of blogging, sharing while I learn), there are some others that I’m adding to my long term plan (asking for feedback, turning my ideas for huge posts into smaller questions, planning and organising). I’m also using a few approaches that aren’t listed. In particular, I’m giving myself permission to write very short posts so that I know I can fit it in every day, and manage at least a tid-bit even when I’m tired.


Image transcript:

A No-Excuses Guide to Blogging

Summary of 10 blogging excuses and how to work around them

  1. I don’t know what to write about.
    1. Write about what you don’t know
    2. Write about what you’re learning
    3. Find tons of topics
    4. Deal with writer’s block
  2. There’s so much I can’t write about
    1. Focus on what you can
  3. But I’m not an expert yet
    1. Share while you learn
  4. I don’t want to be wrong
    1. Test what you know by sharing
  5. I feel so scattered and distracted
    1. Don’t worry about your strategy
    2. It’s okay to write about different things
    3. Plan, write, organise and improve
  6. I have all these ideas but I never finish posts…
    1. Turn your ideas into small questions, and then answer those
  7. I don’t feel like I’m making progress
    1. Be clear about your goals and possible approaches
  8. It takes too much time to write
    1. Make sharing part of the way you work
  9. I’m too tired to write
    1. Figure out what you can write better when you’re tired
  10. No one’s going to read it anyway
    1. Focus on selfish benefits
    2. Ask for feedback
    3. Get other people to read your posts

13 February 2014 Sacha Chua

(I’m giving myself a gold star for accessibility today)


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