Winning at comment wrangling

I’m working on a longer stats-related post tonight for posting some time in the next week, but I’m taking a moment out to shine a light on this perfect piece of comment moderation on

A moderator acknowledging a (slightly nuisance) comment and turning the commenter's thoughts towards commenting about the article's content.

In the comments on a very exciting article about game industry developments*, this moderator quickly and skilfully acknowledged a community member’s comment on a mistake in the article, commented on it in a way that makes the initial (somewhat nit-picky) comment seem far more significant and useful, then turned the community member back to discussing the substance of the article.

While interventions like this are undoubtedly common, I award her with all the points for style, and I’ll be leaving this post here as a personal reminder for how I should deal with less constructive comments (online and in person) in the future.


*The news in question deserves, and will receive, an enormous amount of attention. Tonight, that attention will come from other websites, although I expect I’ll regale you with ideas about representation in the games industry some time in the near future.


3 thoughts on “Winning at comment wrangling

  1. If you want to see the greatest moderators ever to have roamed our fair Earth in action, head on over to /r/askhistorians…
    I may have a bit of a crush on their moderating prowess.

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