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What blogs do you recommend? What subreddits? What other  sources of information that I haven’t even thought of yet?

Discussing this blog has made me realise how much blogging can be a social thing, and how little attention I’ve recently been paying to the brilliant blogs I should be using as inspiration. I’ve lined up a bunch of feeds that come quickly to mind (the UK Government Digital Service, BrainPickings, XKCD) as well as the blogs of some friends, my sister and some other niche writers. I’ve also dived into Reddit and am quickly finding that there’s more variety and fascinating topics in the sub-reddits than I’d realised.

More importantly, I’d like to spread my attention to sites I’m not yet aware of, sites that are likely to tickle my fancy, encourage me to think or otherwise grab my attention. If anything comes to mind, please mention it in the comments; I’d love to have a read.

Coming up this weekend: posts that are not about blogging. Promise.


One thought on “Your Opinion Here

  1. For subreddits, I strongly recommend /r/askhistorians and /r/badhistory. Nothing has made me regret not majoring in history more than those two. You may also want to check out the subreddit for your city and see if there are any decent subs about learning German (there’s even an /r/duolingo) – I know there are a couple that are decent for learning French. Other subs that are good, but can be a bit hit and miss include /r/changemyview and /r/IAmA (keep a special eye out for NASA’s Ask Me Anythings (AMA), they never fail to entertain and educate).
    Reddit is awesome, welcome to the orangered side and remember when the narwhal bacons.

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