Learn all the history!

Sacha Chua’s replies to the top 10 excuses for not blogging grabbed my attention last week, not only because it pointed out some things I’m doing very well on this blog, but also because it highlighted a major weakness: planning.

So far I’ve happily bumbled along with a post each evening, plus a buffer of draft posts to see me through busy times. Now that I’m getting into the swing of my blog, though, I’m looking for ways to add some structure and long-term vision to my posts.

One of the ways I’ll do this is by writing on themes, which will begin with history. My (lack of) knowledge of history and geography is something of a running joke among my friends (I shouldn’t have mentioned that Argentina was in Europe), so this will be a great way to catch up on some background information while improving my writing.

I’ll be starting with a focus on European history (since it’s the series of events that’s most informed my community), and working from a very high level point of view, then looking to finer details and wider geographic area as I go. My current plan is to do one post each on the major time periods listed in the relevant Wikipedia article, then explore from there, circling back to the start (well, a starting point – it might change each time) and looking at more detail each time through.

If you’ve got any suggestions for timelines/historical models to work with, events that are particularly weird, wonderful or fascinating, or just want to throw in your two cents, please hit the comments section. This project will be all the more interesting for having a group with whom I can discuss it.


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