Star Wars Storyboards

Before I let go of my Star Wars kick from May the Fourth, I’d like to share these fascinating early storyboards from the original Star Wars trilogy, via io9:

Storyboard card with AT-ATs attacking fleeing rebels and descriptive text

io9 has written up some fascinating differences between the storyboards and the final movies:

The book starts out with some early storyboards for the opening sequence of the original Star Wars from back when George Lucas was calling it The Star Wars. Darth Vader looks nightmarish, wraith-like. C3pO looks straight out of Metropolis. Princess Leia looks just like Dale Arden from the Flash Gordon comics. Chewbacca looks more like he does in this famous early illustration.

And for some storyboards between Lucas’ second and third drafts, Luke is a girl.

There’s also a storyboarded version of the Obi-Wan/Darth Vader duel from the first movie, where Obi-Wan survives.

X-Wing fighters in flight

The full book is available on Amazon


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