My Return To Parkour

I went back to my parkour lessons after five months of injury, travel and Christmas break. It’s been a great afternoon for rediscovering what I can do (more than I expected after so long away) and what I need to work on (more joint mobility and resilience than specific moves, it seems). More importantly, it’s reminded me why I spend this time throwing myself at walls, bars and gaps each week. It was incredibly rewarding to return to a community I love, and to a sport that challenges me in an area I hadn’t seen as my forte. It’s challenging me to be my best as a whole person, rather than compartmentalising my mental and physical abilities. Coming back knowing I’d have to work back up to my previous ability has also put some extra weight behind the idea that “parkour is more about the trials and tribulations than it is about the triumphs“. While I’ve come away exhausted, I’ve also come away invigorated and re-inspired. You can rest assured, you’ll be hearing a lot more about parkour here.


2 thoughts on “My Return To Parkour

  1. Daniel says:

    It’s so hard to go back to something you’ve taken a break from and expect you’ve forgotten how to do. So, congrats on having the courage to get back in there. Especially since your thing involves throwing yourself at walls and the ground. Crazy person… 😛

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