Everything can be art

Everything can be turned into art, from the rubbish used to create junk sculptures to these zoological pancakes*:

cephalopod pancakes

Nathan at Saipancakes makes these pieces our of (what seems like) basic pancake batter, but with an artistic eye, a flair for where the dough must go and, I expect, a very evenly heating pan.

Kepler pancake


Nathan also shares my taste in fictional characters and historical figures.

Alice and Gryphon


You can see more of his work at http://www.saipancakes.com/. I particularly recommend the sharks to my family.


2 thoughts on “Everything can be art

    • Where do I find them? On the internet, of course! 😛
      I actually have some respect for the time he puts into this – it looks like he’s teaching his kids a lot about history and art in the process, and everyone gets to have some time for frivolity!

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