The First Follower

With thanks to @JB_AU (known to some as Jonathan Brown), I present a very practical treatise on leadership and the importance of the first follower:

JB is a community media first follower (and sometimes a leader, if the situation calls for it), as well as an advocate for youth and positive mental health. We also had the good luck to share our media degree at uni, so clearly that degree has done the world some good. If you’ve got any interest in the media, young people or making positive change in the world, head on over to his blog.


One thought on “The First Follower

  1. Jack says:

    Much is said about the importance of good leadership. Unfortunately less is said about followship which is about the group giving support to the leader so he/she can go where no-one has gone before. But followship must be given critically as in some instances there is not difference between followship and a mob. Its all shades of grey! but not fifty

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