Airport Runways

If you share my love of airports and the systems that support them, check out Lauren O’Neill’s gorgeous HOLDING PATTERN tumblr. She turns airport landing strips into something I’d be proud to hang on my wall.

An airstrip near a terminal with many squiggly lines instructing the planes on where to go

Spaghetti directions

An aerial view of an airport showing planes parked at and driving towards the terminal

The birds return to their feeding trough

Parallel runways with strips of ocean on either side. One runway is marked 'TAXI'

Colourful stripes and a TAXI!

The WIRED article that highlights O’Neill’s work also points out the way it shows off the unusual font used by airstrips.

The numbers 1-11 and some letters, all with measurements. The characters are all clear and very easy to print or to read.

The font is designed to be easy for air crew to print on the runways and easy for pilots to read without confusion. I assume they’re expecting pilots to come from the correct end of the runway every time, since the ‘6’ and the ‘9’ would be easy to confuse if they’re upside-down. But then, if the pilot’s at the wrong end of the runway, they’ve got bigger problems than the angle of the number they’re trying to read.


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