All dance just keeps getting better

This group has me caring about modern dance in a way no other group has done since I first began to tap*.

I’m in love with their emotion through movement. I’m not a fan of interpretive dance, but this group conveys emotion in small twitches that I’ve not taken away from hours of watching other dancers.

I especially like the way the group switches between motion and stillness while preserving the stillness of the dance overall. I’ll be playing with this over the next few weeks, especially since that control over one’s movement and power is a vital skill for my Gung Fu.


*All credit goes to my Mum for getting me tapping in the first place through her own good example. I’ll be interested in hearing your take on the dancing above, Mum. 😉


One thought on “All dance just keeps getting better

  1. J says:

    I love it too, Hannah. Amazing choreography and timing. Many hours of practice no doubt. It makes me want to take up dancing again too.

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