We are the problem

I have two drafts of thoughtful, eloquent blog posts in my drafts folder, but they’re staying there tonight because nothing I can write has a hundredth of the power of this:

“Terror can manifest in many forms, and the American majority won’t see it coming if we continue to focus only on those who don’t look like us

From a brilliant, horrifying POI performance* showing the many, many faces and causes and facets of mass shootings in the US. The presentation style is unusual but hard-hitting, and you’ll adapt pretty quickly.

I’d like to have something pithy to say about this, but honestly, I’m still processing it myself.

Hat tip to Rant Against the Random, via a friend’s Facebook page.


*POI (programmed oral interpretation) Performance (from Rant against the Random):
“To compete, students will collect materials from a wide variety of media on a specific subject. This might include plays, short stories, novels, poetry, movies, commercials, news articles, YouTube videos… use your imagination here. The goal is to to craft a performance that will explore an idea or illustrate an argument. The student will splice the material together into a ten minute program that is performed with the use of a small black book at tournaments across the country. They are judged on their program composition, creative presentation, and technical performance during competitions throughout the year, ultimately duking it out for national titles each Spring.”


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