Maths: it’s more than just the right answers

Maths teacher Brooke Powers gave her students a task on probability and comparisons, which came with no ‘right’ answer. It turned into a big, messy, wonderful discussion about the fact that there’s not always a right answer, and that maybe that’s not what the class is about anyway.

From her blog:

I am on a desperate search to find out who or what broke my students.  In fact I am so desperate that I stopped class today to ask them who broke them.  Was it their parents, a former teacher, society, our education system or me that took away their inquisitive nature and made math only about getting a right answer?

According to Powers’ blog, it became a teachable moment in the end, but it sounds like she’ll be doing some soul searching for a better way to teach maths, and one that’s about something other than the right answers.


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