Some people

Tonight I had an experience that perfectly exemplified the ‘Yes All Women’ discussion, so I tweeted about it. The response I received was, sadly, a great example of why the discussion started in the first place.

Fuckwits on Twitter

On the up side, sharing this on Facebook has led to some lovely supportive comments from the people I choose to surround myself with. It’s a good confirmation that there’s plenty of people who disagree – and actively fight against – the horrors that spoke up on the original tweet.

Fuckwits on Twitter, lovely folks on Facebook

I’ve chosen the screenshot above because it shows some of the best comments, but my original (non-visible) post sums up my approach nicely:

Should have expected this on the #YesAllWomen Twitter tag.
Oh, no wait, I shouldn’t have, because these sorts of replies are *never* acceptable.



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