3 ways to speak English

What does ‘being articulate’ really mean?

Jamila Lyiscott’s spoken word piece really challenges me. I pride myself on being articulate, but she’s pointing out that the entire idea’s skewed by some pretty class-based assumptions. These go right from the idea of a British accent ‘showing’ someone’s smarter than someone with an American accent, to connotations around the accents of minorities or specific ethnic groups being less articulate, educated or intelligent.

I don’t expect this will change the way I speak, but it will almost certainly change how I listen to other people.


2 thoughts on “3 ways to speak English

  1. Jack says:

    My person understanding is :Bendy or jointed in the use of words. To have an expansive vocabulary. My dictionary also includes ” to enunciate” but I don’t think of it’s use in this way.

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