Classical music + pop audiences = satire

I had a chuckle earlier today at an Onion-style parodic article about a British academic who attempted to crowd-surf at a new-style classical concert, and was ejected by other audience members.

Dr Glowacki, a Royal Society Research Fellow, was so overcome during the ‘Hallelujah Chorus’ he began lurching from side to side with his hands raised and whooping before attempting to crowd-surf, witnesses claimed.

Irritated by the distraction, audience members proceeded to physically eject the Bristol University academic from the area, in what Mr Morris claims is the first such incident at a classical concert since the 18th century.

Thing is, it turns out that this actually happened. While it sounds like a parody of British enthusiasms and manners, the entire thing unfolded at the Bristol Proms. The Independent has written it up, but you can check it out at io9 if you doubt its truth like I did.


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