A double post for today – I want to celebrate these spuds while they’re fresh!
When we first moved into our place, there were two bushes, two dead yacka stumps and a whole lot of dirt. Then we went away for Christmas, and the weeds came.
I’d have pulled the lot of them up, we’re it not for a sharp-eyed friend who pointed out that one was well worth keeping: a potato plant.
Months later, I’ve harvested a great crop of spuds, and am looking forward to turning them into a tasty soup, probably with some leeks and onions that I’m also growing. I’d say I’m reaping the rewards of gardening, but really I’m reaping the rewards of being slow to do my weeding. Not such a great moral there.


2 thoughts on “Tspudnami

  1. I dunno, you could argue that the moral is that you should be slow to judge before discarding things as undesirable.

    Or something like that, but with better wording. I’m a tad out of it at the moment. I blame the cold-and-flu tablets. Also the fever. And the purple, banjo-playing panda sitting next to me.

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