Stephen Fry on creative language

Huzzah! My brain function’s returned!

There’s a few things I’ve found over the last few days that I’m looking forward to sharing – including a great new book and something I’m excited about from Google I/O.

To ease back into it for today though, here’s a great video Daniel unearthed, building on the ideas we’ve both been sharing about linguistic flexibility.


2 thoughts on “Stephen Fry on creative language

  1. Tom says:

    Interesting that he grants permission to expect “proper” language in the case of job applications or exams because it expects a demonstration that you are not lazy. By that logic, wouldn’t it also follow that a supermarket’s use of “Five items or less” demonstrates laziness on the part of the management? Wouldn’t that be cause to ask for the sign to be corrected, lest those who read it come to the conclusion that the management are sloppy and unconcerned with their customer interactions?

    To be clear, though, my argument is not that this validates the cause to correct language, merely that the assertion that proper language DOES have a place in those circumstances should perhaps be called into question. The assessment of laziness should, perhaps, be judged on work ethic, rather than your ability to disguise your self with clothes and language.

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