Who is Canberra?

Goldilocks Zone does GovHack!

Like I mentioned yesterday, Goldilocks Zone competed in GovHack this weekend. It’s a 48 hour competition that gets coders, data analysts and designers together to make great stuff with open government data.

This weekend, we prototyped a game for the coming big screen in the Canberra CBD.  We used data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics to make a quiz about Canberrans’ heritages and countries of origin. Each round finishes with a photo of people from the relevant culture, showing some great stories of the cultures and demographic diversity of Canberra.

The game works as a stand-alone display for the Canberra big screen or users can play online via phone to get feedback on their guesses, contribute to total scores and play from anywhere around the world.

Here’s Tina with our pitch video. Keep in mind, we’ve done all this in 48 hours, so we were tired, tech-limited and very short on time when we made it:

Excitingly, we were awarded the Most Collaborative Team for our efforts during the event. So proud!


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