GovCamp Part 2: The online discussion

As mentioned last night, I spent yesterday at GovCamp, a practitioners’ event about improving the way we do government work.

While yesterday was focused on explaining what GovCamp is and getting some rough impressions down on screen, I’ve spent today looking through the discussion, teasing out the best parts of the conversation over on Storify. I encourage you to click through and read about it there, but here are three of my favourite tweets for those who are short on time:

These tweets are perfect examples of the big ideas that came through right across the event: we need to be doing government work from a holistic design point of view, we need to be doing it for the people involved instead of at them, and (on a more personal note) we need to do this for policy as well as programs.

To be fair, the public service has been working on all three of these points to some extent the entire time I’ve been working in it. However, events like GovCamp show how much more we can achieve with these tools, as well as how far we’ve come.

Read more on Storify


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