Gung Fu training structure

One of my Gung Fu group – possibly working with Shi Fu, I’m not sure – has put together an improvement on our usual ad-hoc structure for training. I’ve offered to type it up, and figured I’d share it with you all while I’m at it:

  1. Basic warm up
    1. Running
    2. Static mobility
    3. Alternate
  2. Forms – 10 mins. Forms are the ‘traditional’ martial arts practice routines that you see under different names in a lot of different martial arts. It’s practicing a sequence of movements that can be used in a range of different ways. I’ve previously posted a video of Shi Fu demonstrating a form I’m currently working on.
  3. Share (and record) cool stuff – 10 mins
  4. Self defence – working with a partner to defend against a specific set of attacks.
  5. Power fists – a set of movements for conditioning that double as combat forms
  6. Warm down
  7. Playtime! – time to mess around with new ideas, techniques, etc.

The full session should take an hour in total, making it a bit under 10 minutes for each session. We’re all a tad inclined to get drawn into the discussions about what we’re doing, so I expect this will help us work harder and learn more, both from our group members and from ourselves.

This post has also helped me identify some questions I have about what we’re learning (why are power fists separate to other forms? Where do the stepping techniques fit within this?), so I’ve got some research to look forward to tomorrow.


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