Spiders, physics and whimsy

My partner and I were talking tonight about a spider that was kicked out of our house today. As often happens, we drifted into whimsy. Unusually it was particularly visual whimsy, so I’ve had a go at drawing it.

The sharply educated among you will notice the mention of the inverse square rule in panel 2. I meant the square cube rule, but only realised it when I was writing the formulae in panel 3. Could be that this is why real artists do drafts.





3 thoughts on “Spiders, physics and whimsy

  1. Heh, I totally did not know that that relationship had a name.
    Though in retrospect I should’ve, because just about everything like that has a name and if it doesn’t you can probably get a phd by naming it 😀

  2. Jack says:

    It’s tough being a spider, so many people hate us for no good reason. We are being oppressed! It time for the individual to rise up !!!!

  3. Daniel: the best bit about the square cube law in biomechanics is that the first text about it was called ‘On Being The Right Size’, and used characters from Pilgrim’s Progress as examples. Academia then was so much more awesome.

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