The New Library in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has a new library that’s running all the best traditions of libraries – specifically the community space and the books! – up against new technologies and human-centered designs. The results look like my perfect space: open, sunny, sociable and colourful (and full of books!)

Inside the 'New Library', with large open spaces, curving shelves and books facing outwards to grab people's interest like they would in a bookshop.

While this isn’t the sort of context it’s normally mentioned in, this library seems like a great example of human-centered design. It’s combining knowledge from other industries like marketing with the curation and knowledge-sharing skills that are at the heart of a great library. I’m hoping to see a lot more of this sort of library design. Judging by my last visit, Adelaide Library is also a long way down the right track.

The 'New Library' at dusk, showing lots of big windows and modern colours


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