A few bits of paper…

With a few bits of paper, some scissors and some time, I can make some awesome things.

Give Eric Standley a few bits of paper, something to cut with (lasers, in this case!) and some time, and he makes this:

Ornate window-style art made from layered paper

Ornate window-style art made with cut paper


I especially like the way he brings together some of my favourite aspects of Eastern and Western art into something that – because of the laser cutting – is extraordinarily modern.

Ornate window-style ornamentation made of cut paper

The one below is a personal favourite – my mind conjures the blue threads in the middle into fibre optic cables, completely changing the meaning of the image.




An ornate, window-style ornamentation made from layered paper


This really makes me think again about what’s possible with my art if I think about the bigger picture.


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