Technology! It’s awesome!

In a shared geek-out moment earlier today, I told a colleague I’d link her to this awesome video of a self-folding robot that shifts from a flat piece of material to a robot which then walks off screen:

Then I realised my fiancee and some other friends had been sharing fabulous tech videos, and that anyone who cared about self-folding robots would probably be interested in the ‘walking’ gyroscope cube:

And the possibilities created by applying hyperlapse/self-steadying video tech to 3D and virtual reality tech (the video ‘only’ shows the hyperlapse tech – my partner and I were adding in the possibilities that could come from combining hyperlapse with 3D for some awesome augmented reality effects)

And finally, on a semi-related note, my partner pointed out that bionic technology’s also taking flying leaps forwards over the last few years.

So tonight’s a reminder that we’re living in the future, and that there’s a lot of exciting tech future still to come!


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