Videogames: a teacher’s best friend

Or at least, video games should be a teacher’s best friend. An article on The Conversation today does a great job of explaining how games could be great for education, and why ‘educational games’ aren’t crossing that gap.


One thought on “Videogames: a teacher’s best friend

  1. Jack says:

    I disagree with the preposition that it’s hard to get good free game/educational software. There are many examples of free linux software or Mac software e.g. freeMat ( free version of Matlab). These are nontrivial pieces of software that involve many many hours of coding and debugging but they are intended for professional people who are self driven to solve problems. They were well worth doing but like a lot of Linux software they have evolved incrementally. What is missing for game/educational coders is a software development environment that provides this incremental evolution and like computers in general, given time that capability will grow.

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