Burning for books

ebookfriendly’s brought together two of my favourite things with this set of clever ads for books, both specific and general.

Some are quixotic:

A sleeping reader with Don Quixote and his sidekick in her bed, accompanied by the caption

Some are dramatic:

A woman holding a book giving her the appearence of a Frankenstein face

But they all set my imagination on fire.

A Farenheit 451 cover with a match in lieu of the '1'


Significant words in a gravelly voice

In a twist of terrible, beautiful irony, the stock video company Dissolve has illustrated Kendra Eash’s poem ‘This is a generic brand video’ with their company’s product. I still can’t decide whether the end product is an indictment of Dissolve’s very work or an extremely clever moment of self-effacement that stops just short of that indictment. Like all media, I suppose it will depend entirely on the audience.

Take a look for yourself.