Burning for books

ebookfriendly’s brought together two of my favourite things with this set of clever ads for books, both specific and general.

Some are quixotic:

A sleeping reader with Don Quixote and his sidekick in her bed, accompanied by the caption

Some are dramatic:

A woman holding a book giving her the appearence of a Frankenstein face

But they all set my imagination on fire.

A Farenheit 451 cover with a match in lieu of the '1'


The tentacle at stop 5

That glass wall on your bus shelter? It might not be as transparent as you think.

I’ve fallen in love with this campaign. It’s the most original use of augmented reality I’ve seen so far.

There’s a more detailed write-up at the National Post, or you can see Pepsi’s video for a behind the scenes video and a better look at the reactions.


Significant words in a gravelly voice

In a twist of terrible, beautiful irony, the stock video company Dissolve has illustrated Kendra Eash’s poem ‘This is a generic brand video’ with their company’s product. I still can’t decide whether the end product is an indictment of Dissolve’s very work or an extremely clever moment of self-effacement that stops just short of that indictment. Like all media, I suppose it will depend entirely on the audience.

Take a look for yourself.