Dog philosophy

My new reaction to stressing out should be to channel my inner dog.

A comic from Three Panel Soul with a conversation between a girl and a dog.

From The whole site’s recommended, especially for gaming friends.



Comics to understand life

After yesterday’s post about comics, I was thrilled to find this short comic via Imgur. It’s a perfect example of the way that comics can get at ideas that words alone wouldn’t be able to express.
Unfortunately it’s also hard to show here without ripping the whole thing off, so I’d suggest you enjoy it on the artist’s website at The Bouletcorp.

In other news, apologies to anyone reading via RSS who got a couple of links earlier today without any context. Think of it as a sneak preview.

Comics: where to start?

I’ve been reading books since forever. I love nothing more than a morning with a coffee, a big book and nothing else to do. I’m now realising that while there are many, many reasons that this is a great thing, it makes it hard for me to get into other media, like comic books.

I’ve tried reading comics a few times.┬áNeil Gaiman’s Sandman series was a fantastic start, and I’ll happily vanish the tiny stories picked up on Free Comic Book Day each May. But the comics I’ve borrowed from friends haven’t been much help – the Fantastic 4 was particularly brainless – and buying something that will suit my taste is tricky. Comixology store doesn’t make sense to me the way Google Books does, and I can wander the local comic book shop cluelessly for hours.

Today I’m regrouping to try reading comics again. The AV Club website has an article on the great strides in comic book diversity that have been taken over the last few decades, and they drop a lot of names. The recent Ms Marvel books, while teen-focused, look appealing, and Watson and Holmes seems like it’s right down my alley (in a punnish way, from what I’ve read).

So here’s hoping this attempt to read comic books turns up some gold. I don’t expect anything could supplant my reading habit, but I’d be glad to have comic books there to add some more colour. And of course, let me know if you have any suggestions.

Spiders, physics and whimsy

My partner and I were talking tonight about a spider that was kicked out of our house today. As often happens, we drifted into whimsy. Unusually it was particularly visual whimsy, so I’ve had a go at drawing it.

The sharply educated among you will notice the mention of the inverse square rule in panel 2. I meant the square cube rule, but only realised it when I was writing the formulae in panel 3. Could be that this is why real artists do drafts.