The joy of movement

I’ve mentioned here before that the joy of movement in both parkour and Gung Fu is one of the reasons I’ve taken to┬áthem both so strongly.┬áThis video looks like it’s made by someone who trains for that same joy in movement.

I’m particularly struck by some of the times he lands without using his hands to soften the impact – the backwards flip/roll/thing at 0:35 is a good example. A quick flick through the internet shows he’s an Aussie gymnast who went professional with the circus around 2010. The Kinesthesist blog has a bit more information and another great video. I’m amused by their incredulous ‘who thinks of this stuff?’ at some of his unusual combinations of moves though – my guess is it’s someone who’s training for the joy of it.



2016 holiday plans: sorted!

Lego have unveiled the concept art and laid the first bricks for the Lego Experience House in Denmark. I adore the design. It’s blocky and bright and makes some good building-block references without being obsessively Lego-themed.

A building made of stacked white blocks with coloured courtyards on the top of each block. The top block has eight holes in two rows down the block, in the style of a lego block.

This is the first place to make my travel list before it’s built.