A few bits of paper…

With a few bits of paper, some scissors and some time, I can make some awesome things.

Give Eric Standley a few bits of paper, something to cut with (lasers, in this case!) and some time, and he makes this:

Ornate window-style art made from layered paper

Ornate window-style art made with cut paper


I especially like the way he brings together some of my favourite aspects of Eastern and Western art into something that – because of the laser cutting – is extraordinarily modern.

Ornate window-style ornamentation made of cut paper

The one below is a┬ápersonal favourite – my mind conjures the blue threads in the middle into fibre optic cables, completely changing the meaning of the image.




An ornate, window-style ornamentation made from layered paper


This really makes me think again about what’s possible with my art if I think about the bigger picture.


I write to discover what I know

This article on two beautiful blackboard artists doing flash-art at the Columbus College of Art and Design has the added bonus of introducing me to a quote that is fabulously relevant to this blog:

Blackboard illustration of the quote 'I write to discover what I know' -Flannery O'Connor

The quotes are inspiring in themselves, but the art adds a whole extra dimension.

Blackboard illustration around the quote

I’ll be adding these to my list of visual inspiration, alongside Zen Pencils, Niice and all the great stuff my Mum shares with me on Pinterest.

Illustrated quote:

The Man in the Arena

For those of you who like last night’s quote, I can’t recommend Zen Pencils highly enough. I purchased the linked comic as a framed print for a friend when he broke away from the public service to pursue his own skills and ideas. Since then, I’ve referred back to the quote a lot when I’m under pressure, which is just one of many reasons it grabbed my attention when I saw the quote on the Entry 29 blackboard.

The Man in the Arena comic is at http://zenpencils.com/comic/theodore-roosevelt-the-man-in-the-arena/, and I encourage you to explore the site from there.

Daring greatly


This philosophy is what’s keeping me running with all my pursuits this week. The bit about failing while daring greatly has been particularly useful (though we’re still on track for a success!)

The picture comes, rather appropriately, from the local co-working hub and start-up supporter, Entry 29,who I highly recommend to all Canberra entrepreneurs.