Becoming a beautiful butterfly

The title’s not a metaphor; this post actually is about becoming a beautiful butterfly.

These photos were taken during my break in April, when I had the luck* to visit an area with butterflies in all three stages of metamorphosis, from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly. I would have loved to see some moving from one stage to another, but it seems that will have to wait until next year. As it was, it was fascinating to be able to compare the three stages and see some of the details, like the gorgeous golden spots on the chrysalises.

The butterflies in the photos are Monarchs. They’re really common in South Australia, but no less stunning for their familiarity. The flat leaved plant they’re eating is milkweed, an introduced species that’s poisonous to a lot of local wildlife, making it a great hideout for the butterflies. While you can’t see it in the photos, the chrysalises are all underneath milkweed plants.


*A big part of that luck was being lucky enough to have a Mum who thought this was interesting enough to share with her daughter. Thanks!


Scenes from a holiday


I’m almost back from my holiday, with every intention to come back to daily blogging tomorrow.
To see you through until then, here’s a photo from the trip: gum on a gum tree trunk in the hills near Yankalilla, SA.

Showing off the tech of the future!

We survived our first Goldilocks Zone event!

The Future’s Future exhibition yesterday was equal parts exhilarating, inspiring and exhausting. We met a lot of people (some of whom we hope to work with in the future), and put on a great show which inspired a lot of people who came through.

While the team’s yet to do a formal debrief, here’s some of the highlights of the day, as well as some things I wish I’d thought of yesterday morning:

We had a constant flow of people watching the live 3D modelling demo:

Some moments from yesterday that stand out in my memory:

  • Putting a 3D printed object in people’s hands for the first time and watching their expression as they think about what they could do with the technology
  • Watching people’s faces light up as they realise the big digger mech on screen is the same as the 3D print on the table
  • Watching the kids (interestingly, all boys) stand at Tom’s shoulder for ages to watch him making a 3D model
  • Talking to people from a huge range of ages and backgrounds about their visions for future vehicles, communities, etc
  • Best of all, the moments when I stood back and appreciated everything the team did to bring the display together as a cohesive piece that drew a lot of attention, getting excitement from tech professionals right through to little kids.

I was not above riding the standee of our solar powered dirt-bike of the future:

Among the excitement, we also had some moments we’ll learn from when we’re planning for our next event:

  • When an organiser tells you they’ve got a TV on a stand for you, they mean a 5cm tall stand, not a 150cm stand.
  • Setup will always take longer than expected. Guests will arrive earlier than expected. Set up ridiculously early.
  • Check the footprint of the event before telling people where you’re situated. Our stand turned out to be much harder to find than we’d expected. We’d put precise directions on our flyer, but a lot of visitors tried to find us using the event’s own map, which wasn’t as specific.

Finally, here’s our team at the end of the day, with huge grins and a glass of bubbly to celebrate!


What Happens When You Put Two Pit Bulls In A Photo Booth



No internet tonight, so all I can say is “Dawwwwwwww!”

What Happens When You Put Two Pit Bulls In A Photo Booth