2016 holiday plans: sorted!

Lego have unveiled the concept art and laid the first bricks for the Lego Experience House in Denmark. I adore the design. It’s blocky and bright and makes some good building-block references without being obsessively Lego-themed.

A building made of stacked white blocks with coloured courtyards on the top of each block. The top block has eight holes in two rows down the block, in the style of a lego block.

This is the first place to make my travel list before it’s built.



Some blog-related excitement from my holiday: dropping in to see the building in my Landed post from way back in earlyblogtimes. Got to drag a fantastic local friend along with me too.

Two people apparently lifting the corner of a small house




The most fantastical playgrounds ever built

Never mind being a kid! The parkour practitioner in me wants to be all over these, especially the Spire Playground and the Rainbow Nest. Playgrounds have become one of the important places in my life again since I started learning parkour – they give access to a range of obstacles that aren’t often found, in a way that encourages light-hearted enjoyment of movement, which makes them perfect for practices.

The most fantastical playgrounds ever built